The Sharing Economy Forum brings together leading companies and thought leaders to elevate consumer awareness to the merits of the sharing economy. The Sharing Economy Forum aims to ensure best practices, champion the sector and act as a single voice for the industry.

Selected Participants

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Non-Profit Organizations

Code of Conduct

We envision an improved economy which harnesses the power of users and private enterprises to create public benefit for all stakeholders. As members of this emerging sector, and as entrepreneurs and investors in the Sharing Economy, an ecosystem built around the sharing of human and physical resources, we hold these principals to guide our actions:

We act with the understanding that we depend upon and are responsible for each other. Thus, we aim to improve the world utilizing Sharing Economy principals.

We promote a social mission and actions that do good and better our society.

We shall conduct business with the mindset that people come first. We treat all stakeholders with the highest standards of fairness.

We endorse transparency and respect for customer privacy. We shall not abuse information to drive profits.

We value access over ownership.

We advocate products/services that conserve environmental resources.

We recommend our members to become a benefit corporation. Learn more here.

If you are interested in learning more or participating in the forum please email us at: info@sharingeconomyforum.org
For media inquiries please email: media@sharingeconomyforum.org